Focusing on the commercial and multi-residential buildings, our team at Merrit Building Solutions Inc. works together with a shared vision.  Our goal is to provide the highest level of customer service and quality workmanship that our clients have come to expect over the years as we provide HVAC services, repair and installation in the greater Toronto area.

At Merrit, we view ourselves as a partner along with the building’s property management group and building owners, with the ultimate responsibility of providing exceptional maintenance. With a strong background in building mechanical systems, our team approaches maintenance and operation in a systematic manner.  Additionally, this in-depth knowledge enables us to be proactive in identifying system deficiencies and to make recommendations.

Our company philosophy is to provide professional, loyal and quality performance to all our clients.  The ability to provide flexible and cost effective maintenance service agreements is our goal.  At Merrit each service agreement is tailored to meet the customer’s specific needs and to maximize the resources of our clients. 

Our People

The greatest strength of Merrit is its people.  Together we are a dynamic group, each with unique strength and expertise, but we all share common visions and goals.  Our highly skilled technicians have a wealth of experience in the HVAC maintenance.  We provide immediate response required in our industry, which is critical in the development of long-term relationships.

Our Responsibility

  • To respond in a timely manner
  • To adhere to all the laws and regulations within the industry
  • To maintain a safe work place
  • To encourage repeat business through excellent customer service
  • To serve people with great respect
  • To provide fair pricing

Our Commitment

The work ethic shared by everyone within the Merrit organization is to make our service second to none. We are committed to providing a maintenance program that will help protect your investment, provide efficiency over the life of the equipment, reduce utility costs, reduce wear and tear of equipment, reduce down time and extend equipment life.