Mould growth in buildings is a contributor to poor indoor air quality.  Fan coil units have become a source of concern for many condominiums and apartment building owners because once mould growth occurs, the HVAC system acts as a perfect vehicle to spread mould spores.  During Merrit’s semi-annual fan coil maintenance we inspect the insulation for degradation and perform a visual inspection for mould.  In cases where mould growth and insulation degradation is severe retrofit may be a required.  Merrit provides services that will extend fan coil life.

Merrit provides retrofit services that include partial component replacement or a complete MerriTec fan coil replacement retrofit that includes the replacement of the following components:

  • Insulation
  • Drip Pan Replacement
  • Drip Pan Coating or Pancrete
  • Coil Replacement
  • Motors
  • Fan Blower
  • Thermostat
  • Valve
  • Actuator
  • Wiring
  • Coil

MerriTec Fan Coil Replacement Retrofit Pictures (Before & After):



MerriTec Fan Coil Product Advantages:

  • Chassis style unit allowing for easy unit removal and future repairs.
  • Electrical connections utilize quick disconnect style plugs for easier repairs.
  • Braided steel hoses utilize quick disconnect style fittings to connect to supply and return water lines providing flex and allow for riser movement and easier repairs.
  • European designed and made 3-way valve type utilizes brass ball valve, two-piece body. The actuator utilizes quick connection and can be removed and replaced in seconds. This design eliminates the 3-way valve cartridge and therefore removing this potential for failure and the additional cost of future replacement.
  • ECM motor is designed to save energy and improve comfort. It provides hydro savings by providing efficiency improvement of up to 40%. It also provides reduced sound levels and increased component lifespan.
  • Overflow sensor provides the peace of mind that the risk of fan coil drain pan flooding over is minimized. Should the drain pan overflow sensor detects an overflowing drain pan the unit will cut off power to the fan coil unit or heat pump. With the air conditioning not operating, the resident will take necessary steps to resolve the overflowing drain pan and avert a flood.
  • Large, backlit display on the Honeywell MultiPRO™ thermostat utilizies VersaSpeed™ fan ramp algorithm automatically adjusts the fan to reach the setpoint. Auto Fan Reset — When this algorithm is enabled and the occupant has selected a constant fan speed, the thermostat will reset the fan to auto after two or four hours as selected during setup to save energy. Effortless programming helps customers save up to 35% off their energy bill by utilizing the 7-day programming option which allows you to reduce operating time.