Induction HVAC systems can be found in many commercial buildings built in 1950s and 1960s.  Still today these original systems manufactured by Trane, Carrier and York exist in many buildings in the GTA.  Merrit can provide both maintenance and retrofit to higher efficiency induction units.

Rather than simply removing the old induction units and replacing them with different systems, there is now an opportunity to significant improve the performance by installing new induction units which incorporate latest nozzle technology while keeping your first cost low by re-using much of the buildings existing infrastructure (ductwork, piping, etc.).  These new units are sized with low inlet static pressures therefore dramatically reducing the noise generated.

Merrit services all models and manufactures of induction unit. We provide regular maintenance which includes:

  • Removing and cleaning intake panel
  • Replacing air filter or clean screen filter
  • Scrape debris from condensate tray and vacuum
  • Vacuum coil
  • Clean air nozzles with nylon brush

induction_units_01                       induction_units_02