Planned service maintenance keeps your combination cooling and heating unit in top working order while improving the air quality delivered by your unit.  Poorly maintained systems also cost much more to operate because they consume more energy than a system that is regularly maintained.  Even by simply performing a regular filter change you have already improved the efficiency of the unit.

Furthermore, in the case of in-suite fan coil units; they are an integral part of the building central cooling and heating system.  Their inability to perform efficiently ultimately affects the efficiency of the central system (boiler or chiller), which results in higher system maintenance costs as well as higher operating (energy) costs.

Regardless of the type of in-suite HVAC units, they are all equipped with a condensate drain pan designed to collect the condensation that forms on the coil during the cooling process (dehumidification).  The condensation is drained away from the pan through a drain line.  Occasionally, the drain line may become clogged, causing the drain pan to overflow.  This will result in property damage, not only within the suite it is located in but also the suite(s) below.  Our maintenance program will ensure the fan coil unit is properly cleaned and operating efficiently.

Merrit can tailor a single year or multi-year in-suite HVAC service agreement that will meet your buildings budget needs.  We offer both Preventative Maintenance (PM) or Comprehensive Maintenance (CM) service agreements.  Merrit recommends a minimum of two semi-annual inspections per year.

Working with Merrit will provide you with:

  • Priority Service Response
  • Preferred Pricing
  • Expert Technicians
  • Fully Licensed, Insured, WSIB