Building exhaust systems take out large volume of air from the building space. If this air is not replaced at the same rate that it is expelled, the building will experience a negative pressure (the air pressure outside the building is greater than the air pressure inside the building).  A rooftop make-up air system replaces the air that is expelled by a building’s exhaust system and delivers it via the air shaft and supply air registers to each floors’ corridor of the building.  Regular maintenance and filter changes ensure that air supplied in these common areas is clean; this provides improved indoor air quality and reducing staining of hallway corridor walls and ceiling with dirt and dust.

Air filters are not 100% efficient; eventually the make-up air shaft will require a proper cleaning. We use high vacuum and compressed air in combination with direct mechanical scrubbing to remove all dust and debris throughout the system. We connect our vacuum truck/mobile equipment to the main duct lines placing them under suction.  While under suction, compressed air is blown through the registers and duct lines.  We then run agitation devices through all the main ductwork.  This is vital to the cleaning process as the dirt must be loosened and worked back towards the vacuum to ensure complete removal. The combination of vacuum/compressed air and agitation devices effectively removes all dirt and debris throughout the ductwork.

make-up_air_shaft_02     make-up_air_shaft_03     make-up_air_shaft_04

Merrit’s services includes cleaning all types of mechanical ventilation systems. We provide regular maintenance and cleaning of following types of ventilation systems:

  • Make-up Air Shaft Cleaning
  • Rooftop Air Systems
  • Air Unit Air Systems
  • Pool Unit Air Systems
  • General Exhaust Air Systems Blower / Fans